Forget The Economy and Your Thoughts Really Create Your Business Reality.

If you focus your thoughts on lack in any area of your business you will
have a problem before you ever begin to spend a dime on marketing. Your
thoughts about money have a direct affect on the growth of your business.
That is why the first step to achieving business success is to create an
internal focus of prosperity consciousness before you externally focus on
how to develop new business.

Your thoughts are governed by the universal law of energy – what you focus
on becomes your reality. In other words, your thoughts about the success of
your business are a form of energy. As soon as these thoughts turn into a
feeling you will have some sort of physical experience in your body which
either constricts or expands the energy flow to your business. You can
either focus on expansion in your business which is “prosperity
consciousness” or constriction in your business which is “lack

Successful people approach their business with an internal prosperity
consciousness which opens up the energy flow to their business. When you
internally focus on prosperity consciousness your thoughts are concentrated
on what you have now and what you can get including more customers, more
referral sources, more sales, new products and new markets. When you
internally focus on lack consciousness your thoughts are always focused on
what you don’t have which constricts the energy flow to your business. And
you end up with more of what you didn’t want – a lack of business.

Let’s first explore what happens to the energy flow to your business when
you have thoughts of lack. Here are examples of thoughts which illustrate
lack consciousness:

#1) I don’t have enough money to pay my business bills or payroll.
#2) My business sales are not increasing fast enough.
#3) I don’t have enough customers.
#4) My competitors are stealing my market share.
#5) I’m worried that my business will go bankrupt.
#6) I need a larger budget to market my business.
#7) I don’t have the business skills to make my business successful.
#8) I’m afraid my business sales will decline if the economy takes a
#9) I will never be successful in growing my business.
#10) There is not enough business for me and my competitors.

Every time you have a thought about an area of lack in your business it is
accompanied by a feeling. The feeling can be fear, stress, struggle or
anxiety. These are typically the emotions most people experience when they
are worried about their financial situation. These emotions constrict your
energy and prevent you from attracting into your life the very things you
desire and don’t have right now.

Even if the economy was flourishing you would still experience lackluster
sales if you constrict the energy flow to your business with thoughts of
lack regarding any area of your business. This is why it’s essential to
open up the energy flow to your business by developing an internal
prosperity consciousness. When the flow of energy is open you are ready to
receive the explosive sales you want.

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