Musical Economics and Small Business Video Help

Musical economics video presentations are an informative and entertaining business solution for small business owners to obtain practical explanations about complex topics such as the economy and commercial financing. Additional resources will still be needed but it is a prudent start for exploring current small business finance problems and solutions.

One of the most difficult parts of being a small business owner is the constant barrage of complex terms and definitions describing concepts like commercial mortgages which are already hard to understand. While some individuals will do some extra digging to discover the underlying meaning for a complicated phrase or paragraph, others would rather just trust that everything will work out and not worry about the legal details. With the chaotic economy and changing bank environment, the more prudent approach is for small business owners to learn as much as possible about confusing words and definitions before it is too late.Since this is truly easier said than done, a meaningful search for potential business solutions to this potential dilemma is in order. Underlying this journey for more knowledge is a realization that each individual learns within a unique framework and that there might not be just one ideal way to effectively explain complicated business concepts. However despite these individualized learning differences, one tool that has proven to be helpful to many small businesses is a video explanation of small business finance concepts.One of the most entertaining and successful video presentations is a collection of financial satires and parodies using musical economics to explain important (but very confusing) aspects of the business economy such as banks trading derivatives and Zombie Banks. What makes these musical videos especially effective is the use of humor such as parody and satire. Even though these two particular communication tools are similar, they are different in one major factor. While a parody makes fun of something (perhaps a political candidate) without suggesting that change is in order, satire has a focus of making suggestions for improving a situation and resolving a problem (like Zombie Banks).Even though financial and economic explanations are facilitated by the musical economics videos mentioned above, these presentations by themselves are not enough to achieve a complete understanding of some obscure but critical processes. For example financial derivatives are so complicated that even the people running the biggest banks do not adequately understand the true risks, costs and volatility surrounding these risky trading vehicles. Recently a major bank reported that they lost several billion dollars due to guess what? (Hint: an eleven-letter word spelled derivatives.) Nevertheless the use of musical economics presentations for small business video help is a step in the right direction leading to a better understanding of banks and the economy.

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